Tax and VAT Services

When tax performance is put under a microscope, you need precise knowledge and the latest facts. When you are called on for a bigger role, you need insightful, forward-thinking perspectives. When you face a new and unfamiliar challenge, you need the confidence that comes from experience. In times with greater demands for transparency, you need a steady, trusted hand. Our tax professionals work with you every step of the way as Bizz Solutions is at the forefront of an evolving tax landscape.

The expectations on today’s tax functions are high and climbing higher as to:

  • Keep pace with regulatory changes
  • Drive forward strategic business goals
  • Plan for a workforce and operational footprint that spans the globe
  • Improve the efficiency of daily tax activities
  • Uncover hidden value from transactions

We offer clients a broad range of fully integrated tax services. Our approach combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally.

Corporate tax: Having an effective corporate tax program means keeping on top of trends. When tax changes or rulings are announced, timely analysis can help you understand how your business will be affected so you have time to adjust your tax processes accordingly. From assessing the effectiveness of your business structures to helping you identify tax savings opportunities, Bizz Solutions firms can work with you to develop a customized tax program that works for your business.

Personal tax: As the owner-manager of a business or a new entrepreneur, corporate tax should not be your only concern. To manage your overall tax burden effectively, you need to understand how tax rules and changes may affect both your personal tax situation and that of your family. The challenge is that personal tax law is complex and rules can change quickly. Bizz Solutions advisers can work with you to assess the tax rules and tax issues that affect or may affect, your personal and family taxes so that you can better manage your overall tax burden while remaining compliant with all tax laws.

Business tax: Bizz Solutions delivers deep knowledge of tax and statutory requirements as well as a breadth of experience applying them in practice worldwide. Practical tax advice combined with our consistent tax compliance framework instills confidence that a consistent approach is followed across jurisdictions.

Transfer Pricing: Whether you already have operations in different countries, or plan to expand as part of your strategic goals, understanding tax rules for multinationals is a critical step toward making sure your business is commercially viable and tax-efficient. The goal of Bizz Solutions’s transfer pricing network is to help companies manage risks by aligning transfer pricing solutions with their overall global business operations and objectives, assist with strategic documentation to support their transfer pricing practices, and resolve disputes efficiently.

International tax: Bizz Solutions’s International Tax professionals offer services that help multinational companies align their tax strategies to their business, through a wide variety of compliance and advisory services.

Indirect Tax: With indirect tax becoming many governments’ preferred method of revenue raising it is more critical than ever to manage compliance and cash flows. Bizz Solutions’ indirect tax experts understand the nuances of regulations, the importance of industry knowledge and the growing role of technology.

As tax codes become increasingly complex and tax planning more controversial, we help companies to:

  • Identify and reduce tax risks
  • Understand and meet their compliance obligations
  • Implement tax strategies that complement their business and operational objectives
  • Resolve disagreements with tax authorities when they arise
  • Manage tax accounting and reporting issues and design of best in class tax functions