IT Services and Solutions

  • Business Automation
  • IT Services and Support
  • IT risk and compliance
  • Optimizing utilization of SAP
  • SAP End-User training
  • SAP Security Auditing
  • Customized Report Development in SAP
  • Integrating SAP with external applications

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Financial Accounting & Reporting
  • IFRS compliance and Accounting Change Services
  • Transaction Services (Payroll & PF Accounting, Accounts Payable Management)
  • Tax and VAT Services
  • Other Regulatory Services
  • Internal Audit Outsourcing

Business Establishment Advisory

  • FDI Advisory
  • Company Formation and Registration
  • Registration with various Authorities
  • Work Permit and Employee-related Advisories

Human Resources

  • Talent Management & Development
  • Employment Compliance with HR Audits
  • Talent Acquisition & Planning
  • HR Technology Solution – HRMS
  • Training and development – Soft skills and technical skills

Expatriate Care (Only for the Foreigners in Bangladesh)

  • Communication Guidelines and Language Learning Service
  • Airport Protocol Service
  • Transportation Service
  • Work Visa Assistance
  • Police Registration and Police Clearance Certificate
  • Guest House Booking for Short Stays
  • Inland Travel Bookings and Services

Management Consulting

  • Business Liquidation Service
  • Project Finance, Public-Private Partnership, and the Private Finance Initiative
  • Debt-Raising and Funding Advisory
  • Funding a business
  • Restructuring Advisory Services
  • Developing Financial Reporting and MIS Packages
  • Designing and Implementing Key Financial Controls
  • Developing Comprehensive Accounting Manual
  • Developing Financial Delegation of Authority

Performance Improvement

  • Internal Control Framework & Monitoring System
  • Core Risk Manual Development
  • Internal Audit
  • Information System Audit
  • Management Audit
  • Operational Audit

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

  • Risk Assessment and Monitoring System
  • Contract Compliance Services
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring system
  • Regulatory Compliance Audit

Leadership, Management & Functional Advisory

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Key Risk Indicators and Management Action Triggers
  • Fraud Investigation Process
  • Internal Audit Standards & Processes