Our Products

Our Products


SAP is the best business software meets today's needs and allows for future growth without costly integration. SAP is recognized a Leader across its portfolio.
• SAP implementation
• SAP training
• SAP support


Tally is a complete software for accounting to inventory management.
• Greater business efficiency
• Reduce chances of errors
• Sync between invoicing, accounting and inventory
• Improve speed of accounting
• Increase trustworthiness of data

Web Development

Web Development is the most economic and easiest way for a company to thrive in the world of the on line market.
• Web design service
• Website development
• Internet marketing
• Mobile application development
• CMS and E-commerce


BPT is a simple application that contains a multi-dimensional user interface for a different level of the employee base.
• lnfographic to Review Business growth
• Bird's eye view on each department work status progress
• Follow up on key personnel & departments
• Control and manage Inter-departmental conflicts
• Measure success rate of each department
• Implement better Corporate Governance

Sales Pack

Sales Pack project will provide SKU wise business solution with real-time data.
• Real time order analysis, delivery analysis, wastage analysis etc.
• Order placing, order managing, view cart, edit cart etc.
• Order, delivery, order vs delivery, product wise, category wise, wastage report facilities
• Enable market analysis of order, delivery and FO activities
• Resolve the problem of manual collecting order from FO
• Ensure bridging of FO, Distributor and sales team
• Offer selection, offer calculation and cart management
• Delivery quantity update, delivery confirmation etc.

HR Automation

HR automation is the process of enhancing the efficiency of the HR department by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks, and allowing them to focus on complex tasks like decision making and strategy.
• Time tracking
• Attendance management
• Payroll management
• Reporting and analysis
• Performance evaluation