Optimizing utilization of SAP

Bizz Solutions provides a range of services, from network management and application hosting to remote technical support, which can boost performance levels harnessing the power of analytics to drive ROI where not keeping up is not an option. We enable our clients to move towards becoming high-performance businesses by outsourcing the management of IT assets and services to create a more cost-effective and responsive IT infrastructure—one that more easily scales and adapts to business needs. Bizz Solutions offers unbiased, independent infrastructure solutions and uses its negotiating power for hardware, software and services, extensive industry and outsourcing expertise and global footprint to deliver them.

Getting your data right is the foundation for strong business processes and solid analytics. Increasing numbers of farsighted organizations are investing in the tools, capabilities, and skills needed to improve data quality and enable access to complete, consistent, timely and trusted information across the data lifecycle—from creation to retirement. Bizz Solutions Enterprise Data Management for SAP provides a unified service that provides timely, accurate, consistent and complete master and transactional data across the enterprise and to business partners, enabling the creation of real value. We can help your business leverage SAP across all business functions and in areas such as analytics, cloud, and mobility, to deliver value and innovation. We rapidly create a reliable and highly productive SAP environment. This model can offer more than 10-15 percent cost savings compared to custom application outsourcing solutions.