Mohammad Harun Ar Rashid

Mohammad Harun Ar Rashid is another successful entrepreneur with a span of more than 16 years with the intention of contributing to the Energy sector of Bangladesh as well as to develop and strengthen the electrical and electronics industry by offering innovative ideas, products and services.  Presently he is Honorable Deputy Director of Bizz Solutions Ltd. and Managing Director and CEO of Super Star Group.

His harmonizing business endeavors, leadership, inception, sincerity, intelligence and integrity propelled the milestones of SSG. At present, the company has well-structured and governed sales, marketing, finance, production, HR, IT, supply chain, R&D and audit team led by Mr. Harun. He motivating people and building CANDO attitude and thinking out of the box.
His continuous effort assisted the export venture of SSG to several countries such as Malaysia, Nepal, India, etc. and introduce innovative technological leverage with different European brands like Grupel generator (Portugal), MOVI lift (Italy), Federal circuit breaker (Turkey), Kawamura (Japan) etc.

Young and energetic Mr. Harun has an approach to work with people from different spheres and professions both nationally and internationally. He bears vigorous and energetic personality with openness to empower teammates.