IT risk and compliance

In today’s digital world, decision-makers cannot afford to be held back by cyber risks. They need to make bold decisions and feel confident that their cyber strategy, defenses, and recovery capabilities will protect their business and support their growth strategies. Today information security is a foundation for business growth and sustainability. Safeguarding ever-increasing volumes of valuable corporate data against unauthorized access, disclosure or misuse has become integral to maintaining operations and meeting increasingly vigorous data privacy compliance requirements. No organization is immune to the risks of a cyber-attack. In a cyber-enabled world, everyone in the business needs to play their part in protecting their most critical assets. Be secure, be vigilant, and be resilient.

Cybersecurity is a business issue, not just an information technology issue. In the face of these challenges, managing IT risk and compliance has become even more critical, as IT failures can lead to reputational damage, customer and market valuation loss, and an increase in privacy issues and high-profile legal exposure. In this environment, enhancing IT controls is crucial to help ensure businesses are managed and controlled appropriately, and functioning reliably.

At Bizz Solutions, we view cybersecurity as inseparable from business and technology transformation. We know that applying the same rigor and approaches to introducing new or enhanced processes, enabling technologies and organizational alignment; can create successful platforms to help reach an organization’s cybersecurity goals. Our teams help you build and improve your programs and processes, supported by the right strategy and technology, to improve your information protection agenda. Our teams bring a broad-ranging, business-operations perspective to cyber services. We develop customized strategies to protect information as threats occur—without limiting productivity. Our Cyber Security practice helps clients identify and protect their critical business assets in the face of a constantly evolving threat landscape and an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. We help clients identify their most important information assets and work with them to develop an effective approach that focuses on people, process, and governance as a foundation for technology enablement.

At Bizz Solutions, we focus on the business impact of technology rather than systems implementation, and we are not tied to any hardware or software suppliers. We are able to provide global guidance and local support where necessary. As a result, our advice is independent and geared to the specific needs of each client. We work with clients to analyze business technology issues within their businesses. We assist clients in the following areas:

ü  Developing an appropriate IT strategy

ü  Regulatory and compliance

ü  IT risk management and controls

ü  Sourcing

ü  Cost optimization

ü  Logistics and supply chain issues

At Bizz Solutions, our global network of business-savvy cybersecurity member firm professionals understands that businesses cannot be held back by cyber risk. Bizz Solutions professionals recognize that cybersecurity is about risk management – not risk elimination.  In our work with international clients, we help organizations assess, manage and optimize information technology risk across a range of areas, including:

  • §  Information Protection and Business Resilience
  • §  IT Internal Audit
  • §  IT Attestation
  • §  IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)/and Controls Integration
  • §  Information Governance Services

No matter where you are on the cybersecurity journey, Bizz Solutions we can help you reach the destination as a place of confidence that you can operate without crippling disruption from a cybersecurity event. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you, Bizz Solutions member firm professionals can help you work through strategy and governance, organizational transformation, cyber defense and cyber response. Moreover, cybersecurity professionals do not just recommend solutions — they also help implement them. From penetration testing and privacy strategy to access management and cultural change, Bizz Solutions we can help you every step of the way understanding how best to align your information protection agenda to your dynamic business and compliance priorities.