Integrating SAP with external applications

Bizz Solutions’s Managed Services practice provides a flexible structure that enables you to fine-tune application management services to your IT and business objectives. Properly diversified analytics can convert the volume of that information into the value of insight through a mix of applications. Advances in data science enable us to uncover the hidden patterns, connections and causal links that explain human behavior and business outcomes. Historical, real-time and predictive, those insights can drive better decision-making at every level, from individual customer encounters to high-level strategy. Our team can help you build rich analytics solutions into your business processes, opening up better ways to do business, closer relationships with customers and all-around competitive agility.

Bizz Solutions and SAP contributed their best business process, service delivery and technology assets and skills to develop shared services centers. By providing a globally consistent service, Bizz Solutions and SAP help organizations manage their back-office functions more effectively. We provide an extensive, customized analysis of your existing SAP environment that generates a clear, accelerated transition path and ongoing guidance to drive continuous improvement across all aspects of your SAP application landscape through

ü  Functional & Industry Analytics

ü  Visualization

ü  Enterprise Performance

ü  Information Management