Human Resources

The battle for talent is as intense as it has ever been. Leading companies recognize Bizz Solutions must fundamentally reshape the employee experience. Bizz Solutions’ are treating people, from entry-level up to the C-suite, as internal customers, cultivating innovation and anticipating their needs with creative and engaging solutions. Adapting to a fast-changing world is a defining challenge for leaders today. The critical differentiator in talent management is the ability to deploy and redeploy talent as opportunities arise and dissipate. In today’s economy, characterized by an abundance of capital and growing skill gaps, talent management and HR capabilities are Bizz Solutions sources of competitive advantage.

Tremendous forces are radically reshaping the workplace. There are new organizational, talent, HR and technology challenges to be faced with business leaders wrestle with disruptive innovation, global trade, skills mismatches and the constant tests of risk and regulation. Organizations need to redefine the way work is done and create innovative talent ecosystems that build engaged, enabled and agile workforces. As Bizz Solutions faces the future we know that every organization is different, each has a unique history, culture, leadership style and capability set in its employees. We build tailored people and organization solutions to help our clients achieve their strategic ambitions – reflecting their uniqueness but also grounded in rigorous analysis and data-driven insight – to create lasting, differentiated value.​ Our client support is grounded in the belief that organizations must link talent to value. Our work on talent:

  • Begins with what drives value for the business
  • Is underpinned by data and advanced analytics
  • Develops the capabilities of the g3—the CEO, CFO, and CHRO—to build the talent systems and culture necessary for linking talent to value
  • Aggressively allocates talent to business opportunities
  • Leverages grounded, research-based approaches
  • Is fit for purpose in the digital era

What makes us distinctive?

ü  We link your value agenda and talent strategy

ü  We craft strategies based on facts, data, and analytics

ü  We build client capabilities and win hearts and minds

ü  We are flexible in how we work but uncompromising on impact

Talent Management & Development

Leverage your people as a strategic asset as our approach to managing and developing talent is Business-led and people driven. Today’s business challenges present a new wave of HR, talent and organization priorities. Bizz Solutions’s Human Capital services leverage research, analytics, and industry insights to help design and execute critical programs from business driven HR to innovative talent, leadership, and change programs.

Every market leader understands that talent unlocks competitive advantage. However, workforces and workplaces are changing, and so are the relationships between employers and employed. You may need to invest in different skills and develop new capabilities to stay ahead in your market. It might be time to inject evidence-based talent management into the business planning process. Bizz Solutions teams can help you get the right people – doing the right things – to drive your business forward. Even in a digital world, human beings will still be your most important investment, your greatest asset, and the secret sauce in your brand. The way we can help you to do that:

ü  Behavioral Change Management

ü  Learning & Development

ü  Organization Design

ü  Talent Management

Employment Compliance with HR Audits

As companies grow and become more global in scope, employment issues become more complex. Among the most serious challenges, businesses face today is compliance with multifaceted tax laws and labor regulations. Bizz Solutions offers well-rounded plans and program development strategies. We support HR transformations that improve efficiency, effectiveness and the employee experience.

Talent Acquisition & Planning

What we do and how we do it is changing. Recognizing the crucial link between talent and value, we help clients run organizations that create value and adept at the speed of business. From technologies to changing demographics to the gig economy, disruptive forces are redefining the very nature of our careers. Businesses need a strategy to attract top talent and enable them to work alongside the technology reshaping our economy. So Start preparing your business for the future of work now.

We deploy some of the best consumer branding approaches to design winning employee value propositions. Using advanced analytics, we expand talent-sourcing pools and reduce risk in hiring decisions.

HR Technology Solution – HRMS

We have always provided a Business-driven HR which suits the current business environment most effectively. Bizz Solutions Intelligent HR Operations services help HR leaders achieve business outcomes through tailored solutions that embed analytics, and consumer-centric digital channels into the employee experience. The results? Improved retention, greater workforce productivity, increased employee satisfaction and reduced costs.

Explore our capabilities in Change management and communications, Employment law Employment tax and costs, Global mobility, HR function transformation, HR technology Leadership, Organizational culture and purpose, Organizational design, People analytics and insights, People in deals, People strategy, Retirement and pensions, Reward and benefits, Workforce capability.

Human resources technology solution helps in all areas of business from recruitment to retirement. HR technology improves the HR’s ability to use data in a more efficient way. HR technology is undergoing one of the most disruptive periods it has seen in a decade. The current market trends have witnessed a change in paradigm in HR budgets as the cloud-based HR solution has brought all new levels of automation. The HR technologies delivered are shifting from integrated talent management to people management practices, on-premise stand-alone software to cloud-based solutions, and single-device solutions to multi-device platforms. Subsequently having demonstrated the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of HR technologies solutions that foster business continuity Bizz Solutions have gained wider acceptance.

Training and development – Soft skills and technical skills

The world continues to change because of developments in globalization, demographics, technology, and regulation. These disruptive forces require organizations to change rapidly – and businesses need its people to be agile and adaptable to that change. At the same time, it is getting harder to the source, manage, motivate and retain talent while controlling costs. We help our clients harness their people agenda – the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, doing the right things.

Looking at people as part of an integrated business strategy, organizations are able to gain a competitive people advantage. We work globally and collaborate to address complex issues relating to organization transformation, end-to-end employee lifecycles, effective talent deployment and mobility, gaining value from evolving and virtual workforces, and the changing role of HR. The diversity of our talent, global connectivity, and collaborative philosophy means we are inspired to ask better questions to help organizations design better outcomes, deliver long-lasting results and achieve a competitive advantage.