Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Governance, Risk, and Compliance continue to be a complex business challenge. As new laws and regulations are introduced, their requirements challenge boards to greater levels of transparency, objectivity, and professionalism. Increased accountability and potential exposure to liability mean directors need to ensure that corporate governance standards are adhered to and robust compliance management systems are in place. There is a strong business case for corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Sound corporate governance practices can protect directors from potential personal liability and protect the company from reputational harm.

Our firms’ multidisciplinary teams have advised clients on how best to meet the corporate governance, regulatory and compliance challenge. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of corporate governance developments both locally and internationally. We combine the process and system benchmarking knowledge and experience with organizational knowledge. Our approach is to support our clients in meeting the Governance, Risk and Compliance challenge by offering the following services:

ü  Board training, i.e. director responsibilities, obligations and ‘better practice’ governance requirements

ü  Governance framework design

ü  Board and Audit Committee assessments

ü  Regulatory code impact diagnostic


Risk Assessment and Monitoring System

Today business faces an increasing set of uncertainties – developing more quickly than ever, in ways that are less and less predictable. All of these have the potential to shift from opportunities to crises in moments. With the right tools though, you can master this risk and uncertainty. Executives need the right insight, best-in-class corporate governance, and a risk culture aimed at driving value.

Leading organizations take calculated risks—new products, new markets, acquisitions and they understand that risk is a source of competitive advantage. By managing risk more effectively these organizations unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for all of their stakeholders. At the same time, disruptors can threaten even the greatest business strategy as well as your brand. Do you have best insights for managing strategic & reputation risk to power performance? Learn how our strategic & reputation risk services help organizations make risk-informed strategic choices and respond to disruptions.

Bizz Solutions’s Major Projects Advisory assists member firm clients in identifying and mitigating project risks throughout the project lifecycle. Major capital projects are often complicated, fast-paced and risk endeavors, and are carried out in an environment prone to fraud, uncertainty, waste, and abuse. Companies implementing growth plans or executing large capital projects frequently encounter surprises in the form of cost overruns and schedule delays whereas Stakeholders are demanding transparency, predictability, and accountability for project results so that administrators and boards are empowered to make prudent capital decisions. Our services include construction program evaluations, project risk and controls assessments, contract compliance analyses and cost investigations, as well as project support on complex and troubled projects. We provide focuses industry knowledge, multidisciplinary teams, and substantive experience in managing both the financial and technical aspects of major capital projects and programs.

Contract Compliance Services

Bizz Solutions’s professionals are experienced in serving a variety of clients in a wide range of industries in areas such as royalties, licensing, distribution agreements, advertising, digital content and more. We help our clients to assess their relationships and contracts with vendors, distributors, and licensees. As a result, we understand the complexities and nuances of a range of business contracts, processes and procedures and have been able to help companies recover revenue misstated in self-reporting statements while maintaining and improving relationships with their business partners. Our services are as follows:

ü  Royalty Compliance

ü  Software End-User License Review

ü  Vendor Contracts

ü  Ad Agency Contract Compliance

ü  Reseller and Distributor Review

ü  Digital Distribution

ü  Software Asset Management (SAM)

ü  Intellectual Property (IP) Audit

Gaining the full value that is due from contracts is clearly a prime concern for many companies — in terms of enhancing income, reducing costs and meeting compliance issues. Our professionals can help our firms’ clients by advising on:

·       Enhanced return on investment (ROI)

·       Recovered cash from overpricing and overpayments

·       Better protection of intellectual property

·       Mitigating and managing risks within the extended enterprise

·       More effective financial reporting controls

·       Improved relationships with key business partners

·       Increased confidence in vendor’s contract compliance process

·       Identified opportunities to enhance contract language

·       In-depth industry experience and a dedicated practice 

We assist clients in helping to ensure their business partners comply with contract terms related to royalties, licenses, and incentive-based marketing programs. Our firms’ professionals perform royalty reviews of licensees on behalf of licensors. This work helps companies recover lost revenue and enhance the compliance review process. At the same time, it can help maintain – or even improve – the relationship between the two parties, since our approach can help reduce the tension or mistrust that self-reporting relationships often create.

Bizz Solutions Forensic also helps clients identify potential financial misreporting and establish the compliance baseline underpinning contractual relationships with business partners. These business partners include licensees, customers, third-party administrators, vendors, etc. Establishing this baseline may uncover significant findings, resulting in potential collections or savings, factors that affect ROI.

Our team’s forensic technology services begin with an approach that spans the entire Electronic Reference Model improving business performance while maintaining the highest levels of business integrity and control is a mandate across industries – and around the globe. This integrated approach enables us to provide Electronic Data Discovery services that can help organizations achieve measurable improvements in quality and review-team efficiency. With a combination of knowledge, experience and technology, our firms assist their clients in their efforts to achieve the highest levels of compliance and efficiency in managing records and information, developing efficient, repeatable business processes for responding to legal and regulatory requests for Electronically Stored Information and providing effective collection, processing and hosting of ESI for review and production.

Regulatory compliance monitoring system

Business and legal issues today are intertwined as never before. Organizations must meet the demands of the complex regulatory landscape, but be flexible enough that the regulatory program keeps pace with a rapidly changing environment– all with an industry focus.  So, doesn’t it make sense to work with a legal network whose services are embedded within the powerful, multi-disciplinary capabilities and broad client footprint of a global professional services leader?

Learn about the regulatory risk services we offer to help organizations anticipate and adapt to changes in the regulatory environment, and build better programs and controls to address the wide variety of regulations and regulatory risks.

Regulatory Compliance Audit

Robust regulatory and compliance structures can help to ensure companies are not subject to potential penalties as also There are financial penalties for non-compliance with certain laws and regulations. Bizz Solutions assists directors and management to identify the applicable laws and regulations to better understand the regulatory environment. Our approach combines an analysis of the legal framework together with an assessment of the systems and processes that can help to ensure compliance and sound corporate governance. Our regulatory compliance audit can facilitate both the regulators and organizations adeptly addressing their same purpose.