Enterprise Risk Management

Every organization faces ever-present risks from employee conduct, third parties, technology, data, business processes, and controls. An agile, well-defined approach can help meet core business needs while optimizing strategic flexibility. Tougher expectations by regulators and other stakeholders now mean that corporates and financial institutions should demonstrate better discipline, control, and responsibility. Failure to keep on top of and comply with existing and emerging regulation could jeopardize reputations and livelihoods. How robust is your governance, risk and compliance program?

Risk management is not the responsibility of a single department rather it should be embedded within the culture of the organization so that everyone is focused on managing and optimizing risk. It is the responsibility of everyone, from the chief executive down. Business leaders across the world must respond to environmental and social changes from population growth, urbanization and expanding wealth to resource scarcity, declining ecosystems, and climate change. If a company is to successfully manage the risks and opportunities of these changes and build a business that is sustainable in the long term, it needs to go on a journey.

Today’s business environment is fast-paced and rapidly changing. Innovations, technologies, and business models are reshaping what business means and how companies operate. As some companies work to manage risks associated with disruption, others look at these risks and ask, “How can we use these disruptions and turn them into opportunities?” Successful companies will understand how risks are evolving and can turn them into a competitive advantage. At Bizz Solutions, we can help you be a respondent to disruption and find opportunities in risk. While most companies focus on risk management to help them manage new and emerging risks, others are becoming more proactive in finding opportunities in risk.

Bizz Solutions helps organizations transform the ways they leverage people, third-party relationships, technology, data, business processes, and controls to manage operational risks and elevate business performance.  Our sustainability practices help you build long-term value in a rapidly changing world. We work with organizations on that journey. Our sustainability professionals can support you from start to finish or at specific points on the journey where you need help the most.